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We are a database of faces that takes the struggle out of finding models for injector education.

Think Bumble for aesthetic injector trainings.

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Educate Better

It's no secret that new and advanced aesthetic providers need continuing education. Finding models for these trainings can be difficult, especially if the provider Is traveling.

This is where MedModel steps in. Instead of dialing through a list of names, posting on Instagram, or (gasp!) asking a patient already scheduled, you reach out to us. We search our database for models In your area and provide you with a list of qualified, available models.

What People are Saying

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Kara [model] was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better model. I loved using MedModel traveling from Miami to California. Your website eliminated the stress!

- Odalys, MedModel Provider

The training was incredible! My model was prompt and we have texted since - she says she is very happy with her results! I think MedModel is genius and I would predict that it will be very popular.

- Ashley S.

Aesthetic Immersion Trainee

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Being a MedModel was fun and I loved my treatment! The scheduling was easy. I felt safe with my Injector and can't wait to go back to the practice when I need more Botox!

Angela H, MedModel

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Become a MedModel.

It’s a little-known fact that top medical providers are always looking for fresh faces to perfect and practice their aesthetic injection skills. These treatments are free to the lucky few who are in the know.

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What's Involved.

Injector education is supervised by an expert injector with other injectors observing your treatment. Injectors will discuss details before you consent to modeling. Check out our YouTube Channel to learn more about what education looks and sounds like!

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Share the Secret.

We work with providers throughout the continental United States. Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop!

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The Secrets of Medical Aesthetics

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Meet the Author

MedModel's founder spent her career working in the medical aesthetics world. She sold everything from make-up to Botox, and learned a lot about taking care of yourself and your skin. She'll share her secrets, learn about new products, and interview industry experts so that you too can know the secrets of medical aesthetics.

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MedModel was founded because its founder (me) hosted hundreds of trainings during my years in medical aesthetics, and saw first hand how difficult it is to find qualified models. Introducing qualified, informed models to injectors who are learning is MedModel's primary mission. We want to help injectors get the most out of their education, and introduce models to the amazing field of medical aesthetics.

Today I'm sharing a conversation I had with Heidi Keesis, MPA, PA-C. She has been an aesthetic injector for 18 years, and is an expert educator f or Allergan Aesthetics. Heidi currently injects at L&P Aesthetics, a renowned medical aesthetics practice with locations in Palo Alto, CA and Los Gatos, CA. Heidi started in medical aesthetics because she wanted to be involved in 'happy medicine'. She wants to share her knowledge with others in the field. She loves "giving back to people" and says "that one of her favorite parts of training is what she learns from her injector trainees." Heidi is here to provide some insights into what actually goes on in an aesthetics training. Here's what she has to say:

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